Dash cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years. Consisting of a camera that’s typically mounted inside a vehicle on its dashboard, a dash camera is used to record footage of what’s in front of the vehicle. It’s often used for the purpose of providing evidence to law enforcement and insurance companies in the event of an accident. If you get into an accident while driving, for example, you can use footage from your vehicle’s dash camera to show law enforcement and insurance companies that you were not at fault.

But the problem with most dash cameras is that they consume valuable space on the dashboard while obstructing the driver’s view in the process. Some dash cameras are larger than others, but nearly all will consume at least some space on the dash. As a result, they are often viewed as a safety hazard. According to BGR, however, there’s a new touchscreen dash cam that’s designed to replace a vehicle’s rear-view mirror.

Known as the YI Mirror Dash Cam, it covers your vehicle’s existing rear-view mirror with two separate panels. The panel that goes on the back on the rear-view mirror features two cameras that record footage of what’s in front of your vehicle, whereas the panel that goes on the front of the rear-view mirror features a touchscreen display. Using the latter panel, you can control the YI Mirror Dash Cam while also viewing footage of the cameras in the process.

There are dozens of dash cams available to purchase. Most, however, will cover valuable space on your vehicle’s dashboard, thereby restricting your field of view while driving. Of course, this can prove to be a safety hazard, as a lower field of view can prevent you from seeing other vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles in the road. The YI Mirror Dash Cam solves this problem by featuring a unique design that replaces your vehicle’s existing rear-view mirror. Once mounted and installed, the YI Mirror Dash Cam won’t restrict your field of view. Rather, it will look like just like any other rear-view mirror, with the only difference being that it has a touchscreen display.

So, how much does the YI Mirror Dash Cam cost? The innovative new touchscreen dash cam is available to purchase on Amazon for about $68. Considering that it features two high-definition (HD) cameras and an integrated touchscreen display, that’s pretty cheap when compared to other dash cams.