banner-957163_960_720There’s new evidence indicating the upcoming 2016 MacBook Pro will feature a touchscreen interface.

If you’re familiar with Apple’s long-running line of consumer PCs, you are probably well aware of the fact that it uses a mechanical keyboard and mouse as the primary input methods. Ever since the MacBook Pro was first first announced, Apple has relied on these two input methods. But the times are changing, and rumor has it that Apple will ditch the mechanical keyboard for its 2016 MacBook Pro, replacing it with a touchscreen interface.

So, how do we know that the new MacBook Pro will feature a touchscreen interface? Apple has yet to confirm the rumor, but some interesting photos surfaced on the website Cult of Mac that show what could be Apple’s new MacBook Pro. Granted, the photos don’t actually show a touchscreen interface. Rather, they reveal missing areas in which the function keys normally go, which may or may not indicate that Apple will add a touchscreen pad here.

If you check out the photos posted on Cult of Mac, you’ll also notice there’s an area in the corner where the power button normally goes. Rumor has it that Apple will a Touch ID fingerprint sensor here.

A couple supposedly “leaked” photos is far from definitive proof that Apple’s new MacBook Pro will feature a touchscreen interface, but it’s still interesting nonetheless. With a touchscreen interface, it could open the doors to a whole new world of possibilities. A touchscreen-equipped MacBook Pro would be more portable, meaning users could easily transport it. And it could even support new functions, such as finger drawing. Instead of using a mouse, users could draw designs with their finger or a stylus.

Assuming Apple does use a touchscreen interface in its MacBook Pro, it could mark the transition from traditional mechanical keyboards to touchscreen technology. Microsoft has invested heavily in touchscreen technology in recent years, implementing it into its Windows operating systems. Perhaps Apple will also take the route, laying the groundwork for future touchscreen technology as well.

The new 2016 MacBook Pro is expected to launch during the fourth quarter of 2016, although Apple has yet to announce a specific date. Stay tuned and check back with our blog for more details about touchscreen technology and touchscreen devices.

Do you think the 2016 MacBook Pro would benefit from a touchscreen interface?