When researching the various types of keypads, you’ll probably come across ultraviolet (UV). They are used in a wide range of commercial, as well as consumer, applications. You can find UV keypads on ATMs, household appliances, industrial machines, medical devices and more. But what exactly is a UV keypad?

The Basics of UV Keypads

A UV keypad is a keypad that features a UV-cured surface. Upon hearing the term “UV keypad,” some people assume that they are protected against UV light. While UV keypads do offer protection against UV light, they are characterized by their UV-cured surface. During production, the surface is cured through exposure to UV light.

How UV Keypads Are Made

There are different ways to make UV keypads. Most, however, feature a resin layer that’s printed onto the surface of a foil substrate. They also feature a second foil substrate, which is used for the decorations. After creating and adding these layers, manufacturing companies expose the UV keypad to UV light. The UV light cures the resin, causing it to harden while simultaneously protecting it from UV light.

It’s not uncommon for UV keypads to feature backlighting as well. Backlighting is used to illuminate the keypad’s legends, as well as other decorations, from underneath. Once the resin layer has cured, it will restrict the flow of light. The only parts of the keypad that will receive light are the legends and decorations.

The Benefits of UV Keypads

There’s a reason why UV keypads have become so popular: They offer several advantages when compared to other types of keypads. For starters, they offer a high level of aesthetics. They are incredibly sleek and stylish, making them a popular choice among business owners.

UV keypads also offer a high level of protection against abrasion. Thanks to their UV-cured surface, they can withstand greater stress without succumbing to abrasion.

In addition to abrasion, UV keypads are protected against dust and moisture ingress. Other types of keypads often sustain damage when exposed to dust or moisture. UV keypads, however, offer a sealed design that naturally protects against the ingress of dust and moisture.

There are also several backlighting solutions available for UV keypads, some of which include light-emitting diodes (LED), light guides, fiber optic and electroluminescent (EL).

In Conclusion

UV keypads are manufactured with a UV-cured surface. The resin layer is exposed to UV light, which cures it.