Many people assume that liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) don’t require a backlight. They believe that the liquid crystals contained within these displays are responsible for producing light. Just like CRT, though, even LCD devices need a backlight. In recent years, light-emitting diode (LED) has become the preferred choice of backlight technology among LCD manufacturers. From LCD TVs and computer monitors to smartphones and other mobile devices, LED backlights are often used for the five following reasons.

#1) Low Profile

LED backlights allow for low-profile LCDs. According to Wikipedia, an LED-backlit LCD supports slim designs of just a half-inch. As a result, LED-backlit LCDs are typically used to create smartphones and other small display devices.

#2) Energy Efficient

LED is one of the most energy-efficient lighting technologies on the planet. Just like LED light bulbs are more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs, so are LED backlights. While power consumption varies depending on a variety of factors, a typical LED-backlit LCD consumes about 30% less power than LCDs featuring other types of backlighting.

#3) Long Lifespan

LED backlights also last for a very long time. It’s not uncommon for an LED to last for 100,000 hours — sometimes even longer. For business owners seeking a new display solution, this makes LED-backlit LCDs a smart investment. They last longer and consume less energy than LCDs illuminated with other backlighting technologies. Over time, this means business owners can save money on their display devices.

#4) Environmentally Friendly

It’s worth mentioning that LED backlights are environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, this can’t be said for all types of LCD backlights. Some contain toxic gas, such as mercury, that’s released into the environment when broken. Therefore, you can’t toss them in the trash can; you must take them to a local waste disposal center where they can be safely dismantled without jeopardizing the health of the environment. This isn’t a problem with LED backlights, though. LEDs are free of mercury and other environmental pollutants, making them a good choice for Planet Earth.

#5) Run Cool

You’ll probably notice that LED-backlit LCDs are cool to the touch. With most traditional backlighting technologies, heat is produced as a byproduct of the illumination. Too much heat, of course, poses the risk of fire. If a device heats up enough, it may ignite and create a fire. Furthermore, heat stresses and degrades the device’s internal components, thereby shortening its lifespan. LED-backlit LCDs, however, are cool to the touch, as they produce very little heat during operation.