NormaTec membrane switch with embossed keys, a lens, and gradient color patterns

Are you looking to buy a membrane switch? If so, you might be wondering whether membrane layers are a smart addition. Membrane switches offer an alternative alternative to traditional switches. They offer slimmer profile and a sealed design that protects against moisture-related damage. With membrane layers, though, the switch will offer several unique benefits. Below are some of the top benefits of choosing a membrane switch with membrane layers.

Tactile Feedback

Membrane layers allow for the production of tactile feedback. Tactile feedback, of course, is a physical sensation that’s created in response to a common, such as pressing a switch’s button. Not all switch’s produce tactile feedback, and the level of their tactile feedback can vary. Nonetheless, membrane layers provide a natural mechanism for the production of tactile feedback.

To understand how membrane layers produce tactile feedback, you must familiarize yourself with their construction. A membrane layer, by definition, is a small and thin layer — usually polyester — that’s applied to a membrane switch. Membrane layers create space between the membrane switch’s top layer and the underlying circuit. Therefore, pressing the switch’s button force the membrane layers down, which automatically produced tactile feedback.


Another benefit of membrane layers is backlighting. Membrane switches are often illuminated with the use of backlighting. If it’s used in outdoors or in other poorly lit environments, a membrane switch may feature backlighting.

Membrane switches, however, are characterized by their small and compact design. They have a smaller profile than that of other switches, so there’s limited space for additional components like backlighting. Fortunately, membrane layers offer a solution to this problem. They create additional space within a membrane switch so that other components, such as backlighting, can be used.

Some of the most common backlighting solutions for membrane switches with layers include the following:

  • Light-emitting diode (LED)
  • Electroluminescent (EL)
  • Fiber optics
  • Light guides


Membrane layers allow for a broader range of customization options. All membrane switches can be customized. From keys and legends to size and shape, there are many ways to customize a membrane switch. With that said, those featuring membrane layers support more customization options than their counterparts without membrane layers.

The individual membrane layers in a switch can be fully customized. With more customization options, they are a popular choice, especially among businesses. Of course, these are just a few benefits of choosing membrane switches with membrane layers.