Backlighting is a common part of many portable devices. From smartphones and laptops to remote controls and laser thermometers, many portable devices feature backlighting. It’s responsible for illuminating the display. If a portable device has a display, it will probably feature backlighting, with light-emitting diode (LED) being one of the most popular types of backlighting. There are other backlighting technologies available, but LED is the preferred choice for portable devices.

Energy Efficient

LED backlighting is energy efficient. All backlighting technologies consume energy. Backlighting consists of some type of lighting system that produces illumination. Whether LED, incandescent or any other technology, it must consume energy. LED backlighting, though, consumes less energy than other types of backlighting. It’s known for its energy-efficient properties. If you’re looking for a portable device that doesn’t consume a ton of energy, you may want to choose an LED-backlit portable device.

Longer Battery Life

Because it is energy efficient, LED backlighting promotes a longer battery life for portable devices than other backlighting technologies. Portable devices often feature one or more batteries. With LED backlighting, they’ll last longer before being depleted. You’ll experience a longer battery life by choosing a portable device with LED backlighting. LED backlighting consumes less energy than other types of backlighting, resulting in a longer battery life.

Low Heat Production

Another benefit of LED backlighting for portable devices is low heat production. LED backlighting produces little to no heat. This is because it doesn’t use a filament to produce illumination. Other types of backlighting may use a filament. Incandescent, for instance, use a powered filament. As electricity flows through the filament, the incandescent bulb will light up. But there are no filaments with LED backlighting. LED backlighting consists of diodes rather than filaments.

Uniform Lighting

LED backlighting offers uniform lighting. You don’t have to worry about some areas of the display being lighter or darker than other areas. LED backlighting produces uniform, even illumination to protect against light and dark spots. You can even choose light guides with LED backlighting. Many portable devices feature LED backlighting with light guides. Light guides consist of a film that’s designed to distribute the light of the device’s backlighting. LED backlighting will produce light, whereas the light guides will distribute the light.

If you’re going to buy a portable device, you may want to look for LED backlighting. It offers several benefits, some of which include energy efficiency, longer battery life, low heat production and uniform lighting.