Are you planning to purchase a keypad in the near future? If so, you might be wondering whether a laser-etched keypad is worth the investment. In recent years, laser-etched keypads have become increasingly popular — and for good reason. To learn more about laser-etched keypads and the benefits they offer, keep reading.

What Is a Laser-Etched Keypad?

A laser-etched keypad is a keypad in which the top layer of paint has been burn off using a high-powered laser, thereby illuminating the keypad’s legends with the help of backlighting.

Laser-etched keypads are just like any other keypad. The only difference is that they are exposed to a high-powered laser during production. The laser essentially burns off some of the paint on the top layer of the keypad. The backlighting is then able to illuminate the keypad’s legends from below.

Laser etching is almost always performed in conjunction with the use of backlighting. Without backlighting, there’s really no point in performing laser etching on a keypad. With that said, the combination of laser etching and backlighting offers several benefits, including the following.

Increased Visibility in Low-Light Conditions

It’s difficult to see a traditional keypad’s legends in dark or other poorly-lit conditions. This isn’t a problem with laser-etched keypads, however. Thanks to their backlighting, they can be used in dark or even pitch-black environments. As the backlighting projects light upwards, it illuminates the keypad’s legends.

Fewer Input Errors

You may experience fewer input errors when using a laser-etched keypad as opposed to traditional keypad. Again, this is because laser-etched keypads are illuminated with backlighting. The backlighting will illuminate the keypad’s legends, allowing you to see them more clearly. You may still make the occasional mistake, but you can expect fewer input errors when using a laser-etched keypad.

Aesthetically Pleasing Appearance

It’s also worth mentioning that laser-etched keypads offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The backlighting used in a laser-etched keypad is able to illuminate the legends using bold colors. Whether it’s used for commercial or consumer purposes, most people will agree that laser-etched keypads are visually attractive and stylish.

Supports a Variety of Backlighting Solutions

Finally, laser-etched keypads support a variety of backlighting solutions. For laser-etched silicone membrane keypads, you can choose from light-emitting diode (LED), electroluminescent (EL), light guides or fiber optic backlighting. Each type of backlighting uses a different mechanism, but they are all able to illuminate the keypad’s legends.