Not all switches have a flat overlay. You can find switches with a contoured overlay. Like all switches, they are circuit-controlling devices. You can press one or more buttons on a switch to control a circuit. Switches with a contoured overlay simply featured a raised or otherwise contoured top layer. What are the benefits of contoured switch overlays exactly?

Supports Flexible Printed Circuits

Contoured switch overlays can be incorporated into switched with flexible printed circuits. Some switches, of course, have a traditional printed circuit board, whereas others have a flexible printed circuit. Flexible printed circuits are distinguished from their traditional counterparts by their flexible design. You can bend and flex them without breaking them. Contoured switch overlays aren’t limited to traditional printed circuit boards. They support all types of circuits, including flexible printed circuits.

Improves Ergonomics

Switches with a contoured overlay are typically more ergonomic than those with a flat overlay. They feature a more ergonomic design that’s comfortable and easy to use. You can feel the raised or contoured parts of the switch’s top layer. This ergonomic design makes them a popular choice among businesses.

Available With UV Molding

While there are different ways to create contoured switch overlays, one of the most popular methods is ultraviolet (UV) molding. UV molding involves the use of a polymer resin and UV light. The polymer resin is added to a substrate, after which it’s exposed to UV light. The UV light will cure the polymer resin so that it hardens into place.

Supports High Tolerances

Another benefit of contoured switch overlays is support for high tolerances. They can conform to higher tolerances than other, non-contoured switches. For certain applications, high tolerances are necessary. With high tolerances, switches will feature specific dimensions that allow them to be incorporated into machines and other devices.

Withstands Harsh Environments

You don’t have to worry about harsh environments damaging or degrading contoured switch overlays. When made via UV molding, contoured switch overlays can withstand harsh environments. You can use them in humid spaces, and you can even use them outdoors. The contoured overlay will shield the underlying circuit, thereby protecting the circuit from environmental-related damage.

In Conclusion

Contoured switch overlays offer several benefits. Among other things, they support flexible printed circuits, offer improved ergonomics, are available with UV molding, support high tolerances, and they can withstand harsh environments.