UV keypads have become an increasingly popular keypad solution for manufacturing companies in recent years. Featuring a UV-cured surface, they offer an unparalleled level of performance over other types of keypads. But unless you’ve used them, you might be wondering whether they are worth the investment. In this post, we’re going to explore UV keypads, revealing how they’re made as well as their unique benefits.

UV Keypads Explained

A UV keypad is a type of key-based control mechanism that’s characterized by a UV-cured surface. Like all keypads, it contains an arrangement of buttons or keys that control the device in which it’s used. What makes UV keypads different from other keypads, however, is its UV-cured surface.

During production of a UV keypad, curing chemicals are applied over the keypad’s surface. Next, the keypad is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light for the purpose of setting or curing the chemicals. Exposure to UV lights acts as a catalyst by triggering chemical reactions within the keypad’s surface.

Some people assume that UV keypads are just traditional keypads that are protected from UV light. In reality, though, UV keypads are regular keypads that have been cured with UV light. The curing process specifically relies on UV light to achieve the finished surface.

Why Choose UV Keypads

UV keypads offer several benefits, one of which is protection from fading. They can be designed with a variety of custom graphics on the surface. And because they are cured using UV light, the graphics aren’t susceptible to fading. They can be used for months or even years without succumbing to fading.

Furthermore, UV keypads are made with flexible materials to achieve a low profile. In certain applications, other keypads may prove ineffective because of their high profile. UV keypads, on the other hand, have a low profile, allowing them to be used in more applications.

UV keypads also support a variety of cosmetic options. Here at Nelson-Miller, for example, you can choose UV keypads with textures like spin lines and sandblasted leather as well as basic colors and silver finishes.

Are UV Keypads the Right Choice?

So, should you choose UV keypads for your business, or should you stick with traditional, non-UV-cured keypads? With their flexible design, protection from fading and support for a variety of cosmetic options, you can’t go wrong with UV keypads. Of course, there are other high-quality keypads from which to choose. Considering all their benefits, though, UV keypads offer an attractive choice for all businesses.