With the holidays right around the corner, millions are parents are getting a head start on their gift shopping. And while there are countless different gifts from which to choose, Kano has unveiled the perfect gift for a tech-enthusiast kids. The kids’ device manufacturing company is releasing a new built-your-own laptop that’s designed specifically for kids. This isn’t your ordinary “toy” laptop, however. It features a fully functional touchscreen interface with a built-in trackpad and wireless keyboard.

Known as the Computer Kit Touch, it features a similar design as Kano’s Computer Kit Complete, which it launched about a year ago. Available for $200, the Computer Kit Complete is a built-your-own laptop that features an electronic display. The difference between it and Sano’s new Computer Kit Touch is that the latter features a touchscreen interface. Kano says the Computer Kit Touch will feature a 10.1-inch touchscreen interface with a full high-definition resolution.

As shown in the photo, the Computer Kit Touch literally requires kids (or adults for that matter) to build their own laptop. The kit ships in a box that’s filled with the laptop’s various components. And using the instructions as guidelines, kids must build their laptop from scratch. The Computer Kit Touch offers a fun take on traditional kid-friendly laptop.s While most other kids’ laptops are sold pre-manufactured, the Computer Kit Touch takes a different approach by encouraging kids to build their own touchscreen laptop.

It’s worth mentioning that you won’t find Microsoft Windows installed on the Computer Kit Touch. Kano’s new build-your-own touchscreen laptop features the company’s signature Kano operation system. Kano OS, however, is surprisingly easy to use, making it an excellent choice for children as they learn the ropes of building their own touchscreen laptop.

After configuring the components, kids place the Computer Kit Touch in a plastic, see-through case that’s designed to protect it from damage. From here, they can use the kit’s wireless keyboard while also tapping the touchscreen interface through the plastic case to control it. The Computer Kit Touch comes with a variety of games and apps pre-installed. However, it also encourages kids to learn computer coding. Using the Computer Kit Touch, kids can even code their own codes, such as snake and pong. This isn’t something that you’ll find in most other kid-friendly laptops.

You can learn more about Kano’s Computer Kit Touch by visiting the company’s official website here.