OPI Nail Dryer

UV LED curing nail dryer designed, engineered, and manufactured by Nelson Miller.

OPI, one of the world’s largest and well known acryllic and nail polish brands. required a nail dryer for salon use. OPI relied on Nelson Miller’s engineering and manufacturing teams to develop the dryer from concept to production.



Molded using durable Polypropylene Impact Copolymer, Nelson Miller designed the housing to include ventilation channels to allow heat to escape the unit and provide a comfortable experience for the user.


Heat Displacement

Nelson Miller’s team performed a comprehensive heat analysis to understand the proper placement of vents, fans, and heat sinks. Shown is the placement of the fan inside the housing.


Built In Comfort

Nelson Miller designed and molded this hand piece to provide comfort, and ensure proper hand placement inside the dryer.



Each nail dryer requires the use of 32 strategically placed UV LEDs to provide maximum curing of OPI’s nail polish. 


LED Housing

Each of the 32 UV LEDs are mounted within this custom aluminum housing, which is secured within the nail dryer. Nelson Miller designed custom wire harnesses and internal printed electronics to drive each LED.


Custom Interface

Nelson Miller engineered and manufactured this custom capacitive switch interface (show on top of the completed nail dryer). This two-button interface allows the dryer to be easy to use, and incorporates intelligent technology to determine the appropriate curing time.


Custom Electronics

Each custom electronic component was designed, engineered, and assembled by Nelson Miller’s team.

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