One of our core values is being an environmentally responsible company and as a valued customer we trust that you share that priority.  Nelson-Miller has a long history in Southern California and we have received recognition from the Governor of California for improvements in our waste water treatment.  Currently we are working with our Mayor on the LA River clean-up and improvement project.  In 2015 water reduction was our lead project, and through various changes, we were able to reduce our water consumption by 35%!  At this point the biggest challenge and opportunity we have is the elimination of solvent inks. Solvent inks are controlled supplies because they release contaminants to the environment. The European Union published a detailed analysis of the impact of these solvents. This can be viewed at:

By Changing our printing process from solvent inks to digital and UV/LED cured inks we will be able to reduce our solvent usage by 65%!

The purpose of this letter is to serve as notification to our customers that we are making this change. We know for many of you this will take time to evaluate and qualify the Digital or UV Cured versions so we are allowing up to 18 months to complete this approval process.  We intend to be fully changed over by December 31, 2017.

We understand this program requires your help, and in some cases may mean a nominal cost for you to determine that the new parts are equivalent to the solvent based parts we currently produce. To assist in the transitions, we will provide you with qualification samples and performance information free of charge.  Besides the environmental benefit of this conversion, we expect there to be quality and lead time improvements when using digital or UV/LED curable inks. In addition, we believe this conversion could prevent or reduce future price increases.

Your Customer Service Representative will be contacting you shortly with more information about this program and specific details for the transitioning of your parts. We will work through a plan with you to make this process mutually successful. All simple parts will be converted to the preferred methods after December 31st, 2016 unless we hear from you prior to that date.

Like you, we feel taking care of the environment is a key responsibility for our company, and we would like to thank you in advance for your help with this!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.


Jim Kaldem, President

Nelson-Miller, Inc.

P: (323) 663-3971