The Motorola Razr was one of the most iconic mobile phones of all time. As shown in the image to the left, it featured a folding design so that users could easily store and carry it in their pockets. Since its introduction in 2004, however, the Razr has largely been replaced by newer and more modern mobile phones, nearly all of which feature a touchscreen display with a non-folding design. But it appears that Motorola is looking to revive the Razr with touchscreen technology — all while embracing the handset’s original folding design.

About the New Razr

Like the original Razr, the new Razr will feature a folding design, essentially making it a “flip phone.” Upon hearing this news, you might be wondering why Motorola is taking a step backwards rather than forwards. Flip phones were undoubtedly popular throughout the early 2000s, but most people now prefer to use non-folding smartphones. Well, Motorola is hoping to capitalize on a new type of folding touchscreen interface with the 2019 Razr.

The new Razr folds vertically just like the original Razr. However, it features a seamless touchscreen interface that’s able to bend and fold without breaking. In other words, it doesn’t feature two different displays– one on the top and another on the bottom. The new Razr features a single, seamless touchscreen interface that encompasses both the top and bottom.

The touchscreen interface used in the new Razr is made of a durable yet flexible type of plastic. When folded, it easily fits into the palm of your hand. Once unfolded, the new Razr has about the same thickness as the original Razr.

Some of the known specs for the new Motorola Razr include:

  • 128 GB of storage space
  • Snapdragon 710 processor
  • 6 GB of RAM
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Four-speaker audio system
  • USB-C port
  • Android operating system

When Will the New Razr Be Released?

The new Razr is expected to be released sometime in January 2020. With that said, you can pre-order Motorola’s innovative new smartphone beginning Dec. 26. The Razr is a Verizon exclusive, so it won’t be offered by other mobile carriers.

How Much Will the New Razr Cost?

When the first-generation Razr launched over a decade ago, it sold for just $300, making it comparable to many modern smartphones today. The new Razr, however, will cost significantly more than earlier generations of Motorola’s popular flip phone. The new Razr is reported to have a price tag of $1,500, which may deter some consumers from purchasing it.