mazda-01Mazda has announced plans to showcase new Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

2015 marks the 44th anniversary of the Tokyo Motor Show. Held annually in October-November, this biennial auto show servers as a platform for automakers to display concept cars and technologies to the public. Previous shows have unveiled all-electric, hybrid, and natural gas vehicles. While some of these alternative energy cars may be displayed at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, the real focus is on Mazda.

In a press release, Mazda said it plans to unveil an HMI omnidirectional sensing concept, along with various safety concepts.

Mazda’s exhibit this year will showcase the company’s safety philosophy and technologies. Displays will explain the company’s human-centered HMI (Human Machine Interface), omnidirectional sensing concept, and safety technologies developed in line with the Mazda Proactive Safety philosophy, which aims to offer safety, peace of mind and driving pleasure by helping the driver recognize potential hazards, exercise good judgment and operate the vehicle in an appropriate fashion,” wrote the Japanese automaker in a press release.

So, what in the world is an HMI omnidirectional sensing concept? I guess we’ll have to wait until October 30th to find out. Based on the name alone, however, it could be some type of collision-detection warning system that’s implemented into the HMI touchscreen panel. Many automakers have begun to include collision-detection systems in their vehicles, and for good reason: these systems have proven useful in preventing collisions, and subsequently, reducing the number of accident-related injuries. They consist of exterior-mounted lasers that scan the vehicle’s surroundings in a full 360-degree circle. If another car or object is detected, the system will either alert the drive or decelerate to prevent a collision. Perhaps Mazda will unveil a new type of collision-detection system that’s integrated into an HMI touchscreen panel.

In addition to the aforementioned HMI technology, Mazda will also be unveiling a sports car concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. The unnamed concept car is said to embody the automaker’s heritage while offering a sleek, modern touch. Reports indicate that it will be a front-engine, 2-door coupe, featuring a downwards sloping roof.