When you think of touchscreen technology, what’s the first product that comes to mind? Many people will say either a smartphone or tablet computer. In the past few years, mobile device manufacturers have used touchscreen technology as almost exclusively the sole method of input for their devices. This isn’t something that’s expected to change anytime soon, either. On the contrary, touchscreen will remain the preferred choice of input for mobile devices. But manufacturers of other products are also experimenting with the technology. Today, you’ll find touchscreen technology in countless other products, some of which include the following.

Smart Speakers

The first smart speakers released on the market featured nothing more than a voice-activated speaker. Now, however, some feature a touchscreen interface in addition to a voice-activated speaker. Developed by Amazon, the Echo Show is a touchscreen smart speaker. It features a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen interface that users can tap to control the device.


Some digital cameras are also being equipped with touchscreen interfaces. From the Canon PowerShot to Nikon D3400, camera manufacturers have discovered that adding a touchscreen interface improves their functionality of their products. With a touchscreen interface, users can quickly perform commands, such as take a photo or change the flash, while also being able to access their stored photos and more.


Even wristwatches now feature touchscreen interfaces. These “smartwatches” allow users to perform commands by tapping the interface’s display. An example of a touchscreen smartwatch is the iWatch. Developed by Apple, the iWatch has a small touchscreen interface. When the interface is idle, it converts a digital image of a clock, allowing users to keep track of the time. Like other touchscreen smartwatches, though, the iWatch offers much more than just timekeeping functionality. It supports apps and can even connect to the user’s iPhone or iPad.

Navigation Systems

Not surprisingly, automotive navigation systems now have touchscreen interfaces. Some of these touchscreen navigation systems are built directly into the vehicle, whereas others are sold and installed separated. The touchscreen interface allows drivers and passengers to easily set new destinations and perform other essential navigation functions.


Finally, you’ll find that many kitchen appliances, including refrigerators and even dishwashers, feature touchscreen interfaces. The technology is most common in refrigerators, as it allows users to create shopping lists and even manage their refrigerated food inventory from their mobile device (they use companion apps).