Are you looking to purchase a keypad to use at your business’s workplace? Keypads are used in nearly all industries. Whether your business operates in the retail, manufacturing, hospitality and medical industry, it will probably benefit from the use of a keypad. Not all keypads are the same, however. There are many different types of keypads, some of which are better than others. If you’re struggling to choose a keypad for your business’s workplace, keep reading to learn more about choosing the right keypad.

Mechanical or Silicone Rubber

Most keypads fall under the category of mechanical or silicone rubber, depending on the material from which they are made. Mechanical keypads are made of hard plastic, whereas silicone rubber keypads — as the name suggests — are made of silicone rubber. Also known as elastomeric keypads, silicone rubber keypads have a soft and flexible construction that allows them to bend without breaking.

Tactile Feedback

You should also consider consider a keypad with tactile feedback. If a keypad has little or no tactile feedback, it may result in more typos and input errors. Tactile feedback helps you recognize your keystrokes by creating a physical sensation in response to them. If a keypad has tactile feedback, the keys will typically “pop” back up with moderate force in response to your keystrokes. If you don’t press a key all the way down, the keypad won’t produce tactile feedback, in which case you can repress the key.

UV Coating

You may discover that some keypads are designed with an ultraviolet (UV) coating. Known as UV keypads, they feature a UV resin layer that’s printed onto the top layer of a foil substrate. The decorative graphics are then added to the second layer of the foil substrate.


Of course, you should consider backlighting when choosing a keypad for your business’s workplace. Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs are often used to illuminate keypads from the back. LED backlighting can be used by itself or in conjunction with light guides. If light guides are used, it will distribute the light produced by the LED bulbs, resulting in a more even level of brightness as well as lower power consumption.

Key Height

Don’t forget to consider the key height when shopping for a keypad. Some keypads are designed with taller keys than others. Generally speaking, the greater the key height, the more tactile feedback it will produce. If a keypad has exceptionally tall keys, however, it may prove uncomfortable to use.