There are other types of touchscreens besides capacitive and resistive. An alternative technology, for instance, is surface acoustic wave (SAW). SAW touchscreens support touch commands just like their capacitive and resistive counterparts. They are unique, however, because they leverage ultrasonic sound waves. Below are some of the most common questions and answers about SAW touchscreens.

How Do SAW Touchscreens Work?

SAW touchscreens work by passing ultrasonic sound waves over the surface of the display interface. The display interface is the top layer that supports touch commands. When turned on, SAW touchscreens will project ultrasonic sound waves over this top layer. Performing a touch command will then disrupt the ultrasonic sound waves, which the SAW touchscreen will register as a touch event.

Are SAW Touchscreens Loud?

While they leverage sound waves to detect touch commands, SAW touchscreens aren’t loud. SAW touchscreens specifically use ultrasonic sound waves. Ultrasonic sound waves, of course, are those with a higher frequency than that of human hearing. Therefore, you won’t be able to hear the ultrasonic sound waves produced by a SAW touchscreen. SAW touchscreens operate silently as they detect touch commands.

Do SAW Touchscreens Work With Gloves

You can control SAW touchscreens with a bare finger or a gloved finger. They are one of the few types of touchscreens that work with gloves. As previously mentioned, SAW touchscreens work by passing ultrasonic sound waves over the display interface. They’ll register the disruption of these ultrasonic sound waves as a touch event. And you can disrupt the ultrasonic sound waves with any object. Whether you use a bare finger or a gloved finger, the SAW touchscreen will detect your touch command.

How Long Do SAW Touchscreens Last?

SAW touchscreens can last for a long time. All-glass SAW touchscreens, for instance, have an average lifespan of 50 million touches. All glass SAW touchscreens consist of a pure-glass panel. Therefore, they can last a long time.

Are SAW Touchscreens Durable?

SAW touchscreens are commonly used in ATMs, kiosks, point-of-sale (POS) systems and more. While they can last a long time when properly maintained, they aren’t as durable as other types of touchscreens, such as resistive touchscreens. SAW touchscreens are susceptible to scratches and environmental contamination when used indoors. You can use them indoors, but if you’re looking to buy a touchscreen for outdoor use, you may want to choose a different type.