Touch switches offer a convenient alternative to mechanical switches. They are circuit-controlling devices that work via touch. You don’t have to press any buttons or move any knobs. Rather, you can control a piezo switch by touching it. Below is a list of frequently asked questions about piezo switches.

How Do Piezo Switches Work?

Piezo switches work by leveraging the piezoelectric effect. Certain materials are able to generate and store an electrical charge when exposed to pressure. This is the piezoelectric effect. Piezo switches are made of these materials. When you touch a piezo switch, you’ll expose it to just enough pressure for it to open or close the circuit.

Do Piezo Switches Contain Moving Parts?

Unlike mechanical switches, piezo switches don’t contain any moving parts. You can find them in different styles, and you can find them in different colors and finishes. Regardless, piezo switches don’t contain any moving parts. They feature touch-based keys that, when touched, trigger the piezoelectric effect.

How Long Do Piezo Switches Last?

Since they don’t contain any moving parts, piezo switches last a long time. Most of them will last for more than 50 million actuations. This makes them a popular choice among businesses. Businesses may use switches on a daily basis as part of their normal operations. With an average lifespan of 50 million+ actuations, piezo switches will withstand the hands of time.

Can Piezo Switches Be Used Outdoors?

You can use piezo switches either indoors or outdoors. They are suitable for the outdoors. When properly designed, piezo switches won’t degrade from the otherwise harsh outdoor environments. They will hold up in heat, humidity and ultraviolet (UV) sunlight.

Can Piezo Switches Be Customized?

Piezo switches can, in fact, be customized. When ordering piezo switches for your business, you may want to customize the size, key layout, backlighting, finish and other options. Customized piezo switches may longer to produce, but they can offer a more tailored solution that meets your business’s needs.

Are Piezo Switches Easy to Clean?

Thanks to their durable construction, piezo switches are very easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about water or cleaning liquids damaging them. If you discover dirt or debris on a piezo switch, you can easily clean it. Just use a damp washcloth and a small amount of a generate-purpose cleaning product to restore it.