Dome Arrays


With over 40 years of experience in interface solutions, Nelson-Miller has developed one of the broadest product offerings on the market today, including a broad range of metal domes that meet our customers most stringent requirements. Our advanced automated manufacturing methods give low cost solutions with industry leading levels of quality and reliability.


Our varied manufacturing solutions can support a wide range of customer volume demads and design types.

Wide range of domes is available:


  • Ø 3 to Ø 6 mm
  • 100 g to 250 g actuation force
  • Typical life greater than 1M cycle
  • Dimple and non-dimple versions available
  • Round, Side Cut, Legged
  • Dome plating options available


  • Automated processes deliver extremely low unit cost
  • High capacity available
  • Customized solutions to suit custom assembly
  • Market proven product, billions supplied
  • High reliability products
  • Flexible process supports smooth product launch
  • Prototypes available within 2-3 days of drawing receipt


  • Full range of size and tactile forces available
  • Different domes on same array
  • Optional integrated actuator
  • Dimple and plating available
  • Optional ESD printing
  • Can be supplied as part of an assembly with key mat and light guide foil


Our integrated actuator domes eliminate the historically frequent issue of poor tactile feel due to key mat actuator to dome center miss-alignment.


  • By populating an actuator onto the top of the dome carrier material, Nelson-Miller offers a solution, which will guarantee an excellent tactile feel for your device, eliminating the issues caused by poor key mat actuator registration.
  • Actuators are available in either soft or hard material and in a wide range of heights. Solutions can be customized to suit your requirements for tactile feel and key travel.
  • Our clean-room manufacturing solutions provide excellent bond strength between actuator and dome carrier sheet, ensuring high performance in shear tests and, therefore, assuring a reliable product.
  • The efficiency of our manufacturing solutions, allows us to provide you with market leading costs for the product you need.

IAD Benefits

  • High performance at competitive costs with short lead times.
  • High capacity available.
  • Market proven product, millions supplied to most demanding markets.