If you’re thinking about ordering a switch or keypad with a dome array, you might be wondering how long they last. Dome arrays are synthetic films. Typically consisting of polyester and adhesive, they are placed on top of a circuit layer where they provide a user interface. You can control a switch or keypad through the dome array.

Average Life Cycle of 1 Million+ Actuations

While some dome arrays last longer than others, most of them have an average life cycle of over 1 million actuation. An actuation is a user command. Each time you press a button, the dome array will be exposed to an actuation. The good news is that dome arrays last a long time. You can perform over 1 million actuations on most dome arrays without encountering any technical problems with them.

Chemical and Weather Resistant

In addition to supporting over 1 million actuations, dome arrays are both chemical and weather resistant. Many businesses use them in their workplace. Commercial workplaces, of course, often contain chemicals like oil and grease. Even when exposed to these chemicals, dome arrays will still work. They will continue to provide a functional interface for the switches and keypads with which they are used.

Dome arrays are weather resistant as well. Other types of interfaces may fail when exposed to the humidity and moisture of the outdoors. but this isn’t a concern for dome arrays. Their weather-resistant properties allow them to be used outdoors.

Available With Dome Plating

You can find dome arrays with and without dome plating. Dome plating consists of metal domes that are applied on top of a dome array. With dome plating, dome arrays are able to withstand even more usage. Some plating will extend the life of dome arrays by shielding them with metal cap-like domes.

Other Benefits of Dome Arrays

The bottom line is that dome arrays last a long time. Most of them support over 1 million actuations, and they are chemical resistant, weather resistant and available with dome plating. But the benefits of dome arrays don’t end there.

Dome arrays are incredibly thin. Most of them measure just Ø 3 to Ø 6 mm. Therefore, adding them to a switch or keypad won’t have any noticeable impact on the side of the switch or keypad.

You can also find dome arrays available in dimple and non-dimple versions. Some people prefer the ergonomic design of dimple-style dome arrays, whereas others prefer the simpler non-dimple style. You’ll have the freedom of choosing a dimple or non-dimple style when ordering a dome array.