Dell is preparing to launch a new 75-inch touchscreen monitor for schools, universities and other learning institutes. Known as the Interactive Touch Monitor C7520QT, it’s a massive touchscreen interface that professors and teachers can use to improve the learning experience for their students.

Aside from featuring a massive 75-inch touchscreen interface, the new Interactive Touch Monitor C7520QT is powered by some pretty impressive hardware. It features capacitive touchscreen technology that’s capable of detecting up to 20 simultaneous points of contact. With 20-point multi-touch capabilities, it supports a variety of commands.

Dell’s new 75-inch touchscreen monitor also features Screen Drop technology, which allows users to change the height of the displayed image by pressing physical buttons on the side of the panel. Why is this necessary exactly? Well, at 75 inches, some users may struggle to see graphics or images depicted on the monitor. Using Screen Drop technology, however, users can lower or raise the monitor’s graphics and images to achieve a more comfortable and natural viewing experience.

The exclusive Dell Screen Drop technology features the world’s first accessibility feature improving reachability for users working from varying heights – ensuring collaboration is within easy reach.  Buttons at the side of the panel enable users to lower the displayed image to 3 different height settings,” wrote Dell when describing the feature on its website.

The new 75-inch touchscreen monitor also featured 4K resolution. Also known as ultra-high-definition, it allows for a superior image quality that’s not found in touchscreen devices with a lower resolution.

Although it uses capacitive touch-sensing technology, the Interactive Touch Monitor C7520QT supports a stylus. Dell says the monitor will come with a special capacitive stylus that’s capable of interacting with the device. And using this stylus, teachers, professors and students alike can draw images on the Interactive Touch Monitor C7520QT in real time without worrying about lag.

Of course, Dell’s Interactive Touch Monitor C7520QT isn’t cheap. Dell has the monitor listed with a starting price of $5,999.99. With such a steep price, some schools and learning institutions may be hesitant to purchase it. The good news is that there are plenty of other, lower-cost touchscreen solutions available. And while they may not feature a full 75 inches, they can still foster a positive and effective learning environment.

Dell hasn’t announced an official release date for the Interactive Touch Monitor C7520QT, but the company’s website states that it will ship sometime in spring 2019.