smartphone-160245_960_720Blackberry has differentiated itself from the competition by focusing strictly on smartphones with a physical QWERTY keypad. While other smartphones have opted for a digital keypad in the form of a touchscreen interface, Blackberry has remained true to its roots. But it appears that Blackberry is changing direction, as the company’s new DTEK50 smartphone will in fact feature a touchscreen interface.

The Blackberry DTEK50 is being subbed as the company’s most secure smartphone, which is a pretty bold statement to say the least. Of course, this should be a huge selling point, as many users have raised concerns about the possible security and privacy issues associated with mobile devices. According to Blackberry, the upcoming touchscreen-equipped smartphone features cryptograph signatures as an added layer of protection. Furthermore, the DTEK 50 features an onboard app that allows users to monitor and control every app and its respective access to their personal information. If a social media app is accessing your personal photos and/or contacts, for instance, you can disable this feature from the DTEK 50’s built-in app.

So, what kind of operating system will the Blackberry DTEK50 use? It’s not going to run Blackberry’s signature OS. Rather, it will run Google’s Android mobile OS. Blackberry says that it will deliver Google’s monthly security patches to the DTEK50 on the same day they are released. This means DTEK50 users won’t have to wait for Blackberry to roll out the updates. As soon as Google releases the patch, Blackberry will push it for its users.

Of course, the real beauty of the DTEK50 is its touchscreen interface. Blackberry has been criticized in the past for using a physical QWERTY keyboard. While some users prefer this traditional keyboard style, most mobile handset users prefer a touchscreen interface. Touchscreens are easier to use, more accurate, and more resistant to dirt and debris. All of these characteristics make it ideal for smartphones, and the DTEK50 is no exception.

The Blackberry DTEK50 will cost $299.99 at the time of its release.

The struggling phone maker on Tuesday unveiled the BlackBerry DTEK 50, its second phone powered by Google’s Android mobile software. Unlike the company’s first Android phone, the Priv, the DTEK 50 does away with BlackBerry’s signature physical keyboard and opts for a full screen. It will sell for $299,” explained Cnet in its review of the DTEK 50.

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