Are you looking for a new keypad solution? If so, you should consider choosing an ultraviolet (UV)-coated keypad. It features the same functionality as a traditional keypad but with a few added benefits. To learn more about UV-coated keypads and the benefits they offer, keep reading.

Overview of UV-Coated Keypads

UV-coated keypads are designed with a UV-activated resin layer on the first surface of a foil substrate. This resin is activated and cured by exposure to UV light. Once the resin has been applied, it’s exposed to UV light; thus, curing and hardening it. UV curing such as this allows for a superior level of strength and protection.

It’s important to note that UV-coated keypads require a special type of resin to make. If the resin doesn’t activate and cure when exposed to UV light, it can’t be used for this application.

Benefits of UV-Coated Keypads

UV-coated keypads offer several benefits, one of which is aesthetics. They boast an attractive, high-end appearance that’s not found in other types of keypads. This makes them a popular choice in workplaces where they are seen and used on a daily basis. Additionally, UV-coated keypads are highly resistant to abrasion as well as other forms of damage. Once the UV resin has cured, it creates a nearly impenetrable barrier of protection between the outside environment and the underlying keypads. As a result, you’ll be able to get more use of your UV-coated keypad, making it a smart financial investment.

Furthermore, UV-coated keypads are typically resistant to the intrusion of dust and moisture. Environmental contamination such as this is a common problem in industrial workplaces. If there’s too much moisture and/or dust present, it can damage or otherwise prevent keypads from working. With UV-coated keypads, however, this isn’t a problem. Thanks to their strong and durable design, they are protected from the intrusion of moisture and dust. As such, they are often used in outdoor keypad solutions.

It’s also worth mentioning that decorations can be added to UV-coated keypads. After the first layer of UV-activated resin has been applied, decoration is added to the second surface of the foil. Common decorations used in UV-coated keypads include sandblasting, spin lines, customizable graphics and more. Decorations are made using plain colors or silver effects, the latter of which involves non-conductive vacuum metallization (NCVM).

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