Rubber-Keypad-2Can’t seem to decide which type or keypads are right for your business? Silicone-rubber has become a popular choice, and for good reason. Made of high-grade rubber and silicone materials, they are designed to withstand the normal wear and tear of everyday use. Whether it’s a manufacturing plant, hospital, retail, etc., you can rest assured knowing that silicone-rubber keypads will hold up stress. Of course, this is just one of the many benefits they offer.

Waterproof and Dustproof

Silicone-rubber keypads are naturally waterproof and dust proof. The ultra-durable membrane of a silicone-rubber keypads will prevent the intrusion of moisture, dust, and micro-particles, protecting the respective device from damage. This makes them a popular choice in busy commercial settings such as factories where moisture and dust run rampant.


Let’s face it, comfort is a key selling point when choosing keypads. If a keypad is excessively hard, rough, or isn’t designed in an ergonomic manner, it’s not going to serve its intended role. Thankfully, silicone-rubber keypads offer an exceptional level of comfort, featuring soft and smooth keys that are enjoyable to press. Most people will agree that silicone-rubber keypads are significantly more comfortable to press and use than plastic.


This alone should be reason enough to choose silicone-rubber keypads over other types. While there’s some initial investment required in all types of keypads, silicone-rubber are generally less expensive than others. This means you can integrate them into large-scale applications without breaking the bank.

Supports HMIs With or Without Back Lighting

Another key benefits offered by silicone-rubber keypads is their ability to support Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) with or without back lighting. Some HMIs use back lights to illuminate the interface, whereas others rely strictly on external lighting. Regardless of whether or not your HMI uses back lighting, silicone-rubber keypads will continue to function as intended. Silicone-rubber keypads are capable of supporting HMIs with or without back lighting.

Enhanced Options

If you purchase your silicone-rubber keypads through Nelson Miller, you can take advantage of enhanced options like epoxy encapsulation, multi-hardness materials, hard key feeling, laser-etched graphics, and your choice of finishes, including high-gloss. Enhanced options such as these add a new dynamic to the keypads, improving both their aesthetics and functionality.

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