From telephones and TV remotes to human machine interfaces (HMI) and industrial control equipment, plastic keypads are used in a variety of different applications. Characterized by a construction consisting of polyethylene, nylon or other synthetic materials, it’s become a popular choice because of its high level of versatility. Regardless of your company’s needs, you really can’t go wrong with plastic keypads. To better understand the value offered by these keypads, though, you should consider the following. Here are some of the top benefits of using plastic keypads.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that plastic keypads are durable. With their hard, impenetrable texture, they can withstand countless years of use while showing little or no signs of wear. For companies that intend to use the keypad as part of their daily operations, this makes plastic an excellent choice. Their strong, durable properties allow companies to get the biggest bang for their buck.

Water Resistant

Plastic keypads are also water resistant, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. When water penetrates a keypad, it can cause significant, costly damage to the underlying circuity. Plastic keypads, however, are resistant to water damage. They can be used outdoors or in other moist environments without fear of damage occurring to their components.

Decorative Finishes

Plastic keypads are available in many decorative finishes. You can customize the color and texture, for instance, so that it matches your company’s culture. This is just one more reason to consider plastic keypads for your company.


You can choose from one of several backlighting solutions for plastic keypads. Light-emitting diode (LED) has become a popular choice due to its long-lasting, energy-efficient properties. Other backlighting solutions available for plastic keypads include electroluminescent (EL) and fiber optics. Including a backlight in your plastic keypad can improve its utility and create a more professional design.

Cost Effective

You’ll typically find that plastic keypads cost less than keypads made of other materials. For companies planning to buy dozens or even hundreds of units, choosing plastic is a smart way to save money. This, of course, is a minor benefit when compared to other benefits of using plastic keypads previously mentioned.

Plastic is only one option to consider when choosing a keypad (or keypads) for your company. Silicone rubber has become another popular choice. It’s softer and more ergonomic than plastic. However, it lacks the strength and durability of its plastic counterpart.