If you’re looking to purchase a keypad to use in your business’s operations, you might be wondering if silicone rubber keypads are the right choice. Also known as an elastomeric keypad, a silicone rubber keypad is a type of electrical switch that’s characterized by the use of silicone rubber webbing material in the center. The flexible properties of this material allow the switch to deform when pressed and revert back to its original state when released. While there are other keypad solutions on the market, silicone rubber has become a popular choice among businesses for several reasons.

Natural Tactile Response

Tactile feedback is created naturally in silicone rubber keypads. When you press a key, the silicone rubber webbing material will deform, after which it will pop back up. This “popping” sensation creates light but noticeable tactile feedback, which improves user satisfaction and reduces input errors. And best of all, tactile feedback is created naturally in silicone rubber keypads because of the material’s uniquely flexible properties.

Resistant to Cold and Heat

Silicone rubber keypads are also resistant to both cold and heat. They can withstand extreme temperatures without sustaining permanent damage. As a result, many commercial businesses use silicone rubber keypads in applications where heat and cold a concern.

Resistant to Water

In addition to cold and heat, silicone rubber keypads are resistant to water as well. Silicone rubber isn’t porous like many other materials, meaning it won’t absorb or hold moisture. When exposed to moisture, silicone rubber keypads will repel it, making them ideal for use in applications where moisture or humidity is common.

Supports Laser Etching

Laser etching is frequently performed on silicone rubber keypads to customize the design. This advanced process involves the use of a high-powered laser to selectively remove paint from specific areas of the keypad’s surface. By removing paint in specific areas, laser etching can create unique, custom designs for businesses. It’s an inexpensive and effective way to customize the appearance of silicone rubber keypads.

Produces Minimal Noise

A benefit of silicone rubber keypads that’s often overlooked is their near-silent operation. The soft texture of silicone rubber allows users to press keypads made of this material while creating little or no noise in the process.

Silicone rubber keypads offer a variety of benefits for businesses. They are resistant to heat, cold and moisture; support laser etching; and produce minimal noise. So, if you’re shopping for new keypads to use in your business’s operations, consider going with silicone rubber.