Are you looking to buy a new keyboard? Whether you intend to use it for a desktop computer, a laptop computer or any other device, you’ll need to choose the right type. While all keyboards feature the same or similar key layout, there are available in many types of technologies. Capacitive is one of the newest types of keyboard technologies. To learn more about capacitive keyboards, keep reading.

What Is a Capacitive Keyboard?

A capacitive keyboard is a type of keyboard that leverages capacitance to detect key presses. They use a similar method of operation as capacitive touchscreens. As you may know, capacitive touchscreens project a uniform electrostatic field across the display interface. Performing any touch command with a conductive object — a bare finger, a capacitive stylus, etc. — will cause this electrostatic field to change. The conductive object will essentially draw some of the capacitive touchscreen’s electrical charge. Therefore, it will respond by registering a touch event in the appropriate area.

While capacitive keyboards don’t consist of a touchscreen display interface, they still produce an electrostatic field, which they use to detect commands. Capacitive keyboards have a pad underneath the keys that creates a uniform electrostatic field during use. If you press a key with a conductive object, the electrical charge will change in the underlying pad.

Advantages of Using a Capacitive Keyboard

With a capacitive keyboard, you won’t have to press the keys very forcefully when typing. They require little or no pressure to register key presses. As long as your finger — or any other conductive object — is directly on a key, it will read and register your key presses. This makes capacitive keyboards an attractive choice for typing.

Capacitive keyboards are also smaller and thinner than many other types of keyboards. They have a low-profile design thanks to their use of capacitive technology. If you’re looking for a small keyboard that won’t consume a significant amount of space, you can’t go wrong with a capacitive keyboard.

Disadvantages of Using a Capacitive Keyboard

On the other hand, capacitive keyboards are typically more expensive than other types of keyboards, including mechanical-switch keyboards. They feature a more complex technology, so they cost more to produce.

You also can’t control a capacitive keyboard while wearing gloves. With gloves, electricity won’t be able to travel from the keyboard’s panel to your fingers. Therefore, you’ll need to refrain from wearing gloves when using a capacitive keyboard.