Elastomeric keypads, or what’s more common known as silicone rubber keypads, offer an attractive switching solution for consumers and businesses alike. Like all switches, they consist of a controllable electric circuit. Silicone rubber keypads, however, are designed with silicone rubber webbing that, when compared to other webbing materials, offers several key advantages.

#1) Ergonomics

Silicone rubber keypads offer an ergonomic design that’s natural and easy to use. As previously mentioned, they are designed with silicone rubber webbing. If you’ve ever felt silicone rubber before, you probably know just how soft and comfortable it is to touch. When used in the construction of a keypad, silicone rubber provide a comfortable and easy-to-use ergonomic design.

#2) Tactile Feedback

You might be surprised to learn that silicone rubber keypads can produce tactile feedback. Most silicone rubber keypads, in fact, produce at least some tactile feedback. When you press a button and release your finger, the button silicone rubber webbing will “snap” back up. This physical sensation helps to reduce input errors by notifying the user when his or her command was registered.

#3) Moisture Resistance

Silicone rubber keypads offer a high level of resistance against moisture and other liquids. Not all materials are able to repel moisture. Some materials are absorbent, meaning they’ll absorb rather than repel moisture. Thankfully, silicone rubber doesn’t fall under this category. It’s a moisture-resistant material that keeps water and other liquids away.

#4) Backlighting

You can choose from one of several types of backlighting for silicone rubber keypads. Light-emitting diode (LED) backlighting is one of the most popular choices for silicone rubber keypads. It’s energy efficient, long-lasting and offers ample illumination. With that said, LED backlighting can be enhanced with the help of light guides. Light guides will distribute the light produced by the LEDs more evenly to prevent areas of darkness or brightness.

#5) Reliability

It’s also worth mentioning that silicone rubber keypads are incredibly reliable. Silicone rubber keypads feature a rather simplistic design consisting of a two conductive contacts separated by air. When you press a button, the top contact will push against the bottom contact, resulting in the completion of the circuit.

#6) Low Cost

Last but not least, silicone rubber keypads are cost effective. When compared to other types of switches, silicone rubber keypads cost less to manufacture. And with low manufacturing costs, they also sell for less.