Touchscreens aren’t used exclusively in consumer applications. They are commonly used in commercial applications as well. Some businesses use capacitive touchscreens, whereas others use resistive touchscreens. Regardless, touchscreens aren’t limited to consumer applications. Businesses of all shapes and sizes often use touchscreens in their operations. Below are six of the most common commercial industries that use touchscreens.

#1) Food Service

Touchscreens have become increasingly common in the food service industry. Fast food restaurants, fine dining restaurants, coffee shops and other food service businesses use them to facilitate transactions. Customers can order food using these touchscreens. Some food service businesses, in fact, are transitioning to touchscreen-based kiosks for orders such as this.

#2) Retail

You can find touchscreens in the retail industry. Retail businesses often use touchscreens for point-of-sale (POS) terminals. In the past, most retail POS terminals consisted of cash registers. While some retail businesses still use cash registers, many of them have since switched to touchscreen POS terminals.

#3) Banking

The banking industry relies heavily on touchscreens. If you’ve ever used an ATM, you may recall it featuring a touchscreen. Most ATMs now feature an integrated touchscreen. You can withdraw money from your bank account by interacting with a touchscreen ATM.

#4) Aviation

Touchscreens are used in the aviation industry. Many airplanes feature touchscreens. There are touchscreen-based controls in the cockpit. Pilots can use them to control specific parts and systems of the airplane. Some airplanes also feature touchscreens on the back of their seats. During flight, passengers can use these touchscreens to order food or beverage, watch movies and more. Regardless, touchscreens are commonly used in the aviation industry.

#5) Manufacturing

Many manufacturing businesses use touchscreens. Touchscreens offer a convenient alternative to mechanical controls in the manufacturing industry. Rather than using physical buttons to control machinery, manufacturing companies can use touchscreens. Touchscreen controls are typically more ergonomic and easier to use, making them a popular choice among workers in the manufacturing industry.

#6) Medical

We can’t talk about industries in which touchscreens are used without mentioning the medical industry. Doctors’ offices and hospitals often feature touchscreens. Medical practitioners use them to record data about their patients. Some doctors’ offices and hospitals also use touchscreens to schedule appointments for patients.

Touchscreens are used in many different industry. Some of the most common industries in which they are used include the food service, retail, banking, aviation, manufacturing medical.