Not all touchscreen devices use capacitive or resistive technology to identify and process touch commands. In recent years, surface acoustic wave (SAW). SAW devices work by projecting ultrasonic waves over the surface of the touchscreen interface. When a user touches the surface, it disturbs these waves, thereby signaling to the controller that a touch occurred. So, what benefits does SAW offer over other touchscreen technologies?

#1) Fast Response

SAW offers a fast response time compared to other touchscreen technologies. It’s not uncommon for a SAW device to process a touch command in just 10 ms. This means the device identifies, processes and responds to a user’s touch in just 10 ms. Because of its fast response time, SAW is an excellent touchscreen technology for use in sensitive applications like human machine interfaces (HMIs).

#2) High Clarity

SAW devices offer crystal-clear clarity and display resolution. They can support up to 4096 X 4096 resolution, allowing SAW devices to display beautifully rendered images and videos.

#3) Durable Construction

SAW devices also feature a durable construction. In fact, SAW is regarded as being one of the most durable touchscreen solutions on the market. This makes it a great choice for high-use applications in the workplace. The durable construction of SAW devices reduces the risk of damage and component failure.

#4) Pressure Sensitive

Unlike capacitive and resistive touchscreen technology, SAW is pressure sensitive. A SAW device, for example, can be programmed to recognize a light-pressure touch as one command and a heavy-pressure touch as another command. SAW’s pressure-sensing capabilities open the doors to new applications for this touchscreen technology.

#5) Supports Stylus

A key disadvantage of capacitive touchscreen devices is the simple fact that they don’t support the use of a stylus (only a special capacitive stylus). This isn’t an issue with SAW devices, however, as they can be used with a bare finger, gloved finger or stylus. Any body part or object placed on the touchscreen interface will absorb some of the device’s ultrasonic waves.  When this occurs, the device is able to pinpoint the location of the user’s touch.

#6) Long Lasting

You don’t have to worry about your SAW device breaking down or failing anytime soon. Some reports indicate that SAW devices can last for up to 50 million touches in a single location. You can further extend the life of your SAW device by properly maintaining and cleaning it. These are just a few benefits of choosing a SAW device over other touchscreen technologies.