Do you own a liquid-crystal display (LCD)? If so, you’ll need to clean it. Like all display technologies, LCDs can accumulate dust and debris. If left unchecked, the presence of this dirt and debris can degrade the quality and performance of your LCD. Cleaning an LCD, however, requires the right approach. Below are five tips on how to clean your LCD.

#1) Don’t Use Rubbing Alcohol

Some people assume that rubbing alcohol is an effective solution for cleaning a dirty LCD. While it may remove dirt and debris, though, it’s best to avoid using rubbing alcohol or any other solvents on your LCD.

The problem with rubbing alcohol is that it can wear down the oleophobic coating of an LCD. LCDs are designed with a layer of oil-wicking liquid. Known as an oleophobic coating, it protects the display from fingerprints. If you clean your LCD with rubbing alcohol, it may eat through this layer, thus leaving the display susceptible to fingerprints.

#2) Use a Dry Micro-Fiber Cloth

In most cases, you can clean an LCD using nothing more than a dry micro-fiber cloth. Micro-fiber clothes are defined by their thin, ultra-fine strands of fabric. The fibers are thin enough that they won’t scratch the otherwise delicate surface of your LCD’s display.

#3) Gently Rub the Display

With a dry micro-fiber cloth in hand, gently rub the display of your LCD until it comes clean. You don’t have to press the micro-fiber cloth with an excessive amount of force. Rather, place the micro-fiber cloth directly on the display and gently rub it using light pressure.

#4) Use a Small Amount of Water

While a dry micro-fiber cloth should suffice for most cases, it’s not always enough. If your LCD is particularly dirty, you may need to use a small amount of water. Pour a very small amount of distilled water directly onto the micro-fiber cloth. Next, use the damp micro-fiber cloth to wipe down your LCD’s display. You don’t need to use any special cleaning chemicals. Rather, a small amount of distilled water should do the trick.

#5) Clean Regularly

You should get into the habit of cleaning your LCD regularly. When neglected, LCDs will inevitably become dirty. Your LCD will continue to accumulate dirt and debris the longer it goes uncleaned. By cleaning your LCD regularly, this won’t be a concern. Dirt and debris won’t have an opportunity to embed itself on the display, meaning you’ll have an easier time keeping your LCD clean.