Do you own or manage a retail business? If so, you probably know the importance of using the right point-of-sale (POS) system. It allows you to easily process customer transactions on the process, ensuring that customers can purchase products while shopping at your store. With that said, not all POS systems are made equal. In recent years, touchscreen POS systems have become a popular alternative to traditional cash registers for the five following reasons.

#1) Reliability

Touchscreen POS systems are more reliable than their mechanical counterparts because they contain fewer moving parts. POS systems with mechanical buttons are often prone to failure. If dirt or debris becomes stuck underneath a key, you may not be able to use that key until it’s dissembled and cleaned. This isn’t an issue with touchscreen POS systems, however. Since they rely on touch commands, there are no keys under which dirt or debris can get stuck.

#2) Ease of Signing

You can even accept customer signatures at your retail store using a touchscreen POS system. Rather than signing their name on a paper receipt, for example, customers can sign their name digitally on the POS system’s screen. It’s an easier and more convenient way to accept signatures on purchases — and many customers prefer this method as well.

#3) Process Transactions More Quickly

Retail businesses that use touchscreen POS systems are typically able to process customer transactions more quickly than their counterparts that use traditional, mechanical POS systems. According to a report published by Chron, touchscreens improve the speed at which businesses process transactions by an average of 20%. In the retail industry, 20% faster processing can yield huge profits.

#4) Employee Management

You won’t find this feature with most mechanical POS systems. Newer, more advanced touchscreen POS systems, however, allow you to manage your business’s employees. You can see which employees worked, how long they worked, and more. All of this information can help you better manage your retail business’s employees.

#5) Increased Credibility

A touchscreen POS systems can even make your retail business more credible. It shows shoppers that your store uses the latest technology, so they’ve perceive your retail business as being more credible than its competitors.

Touchscreen POS systems are becoming more common in the retail industry. As revealed here, they offer a variety of benefits, including reliability, digital signing, faster transactions, employee management and increased credibility. You can take advantages of these same benefits by using a touchscreen POS system in your retail store.