All touchscreen devices require regular cleaning to prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust and debris. While most touchscreen devices are designed with a strong outer layer to protect against the intrusion of impurities such as these, neglecting to clean a touchscreen device can result in a lower accuracy, phantom commands and other problems. When cleaning a touchscreen device, though, you should avoid making these five common mistakes.

#1) Using Rubbing Alcohol

What’s wrong with rubbing alcohol, and why shouldn’t you use it to clean a touchscreen device? Although it’s an excellent disinfectant, rubbing alcohol is simply too harsh for touchscreen devices. When used to clean a touchscreen device, it will strip away the device’s oleophobic coating, which is otherwise used to protect the device from oil and liquids.

#2) Using a Standard Washcloth

Avoid using a standard washcloth to clean a touchscreen device. Instead, choose a lint-free microfiber cloth. Standard washcloths, such as those sold at most home goods stores, have a somewhat abrasive surface that can scratch the outer layer of a touchscreen device. With their thinner, finer fabric, however, microfiber washcloths don’t suffer form this problem. You can use them to easily and safely clean a touchscreen device without scratching its outer layer.

#3) Using Water

Water isn’t as harsh as rubbing alcohol, though you still shouldn’t use it to clean a touchscreen device. Most touchscreen devices aren’t designed to withstand water. They may offer some level of water resistance, but they doesn’t mean they are waterproof. And if water penetrates into the device, it could cause permanent, costly damage. This is why it’s best to err on the side of caution by keeping water away from your device.

#4) Pressing Too Hard

Use caution not to press down too hard when cleaning your touchscreen device. You’ll need to apply some pressure when cleaning your touchscreen device with a lint-free microfiber cloth, but excess pressure may damage the display or its touch-sensing components. To prevent this from happening, apply the least amount of pressure possible.

#5) Infrequent Cleaning

Finally, remember to clean your touchscreen device on a regular basis. Simply cleaning it once a year — or less frequently — isn’t going to work, especially if you use the device on a daily basis. So, how often do you need to clean a touchscreen device? Well, it varies depending on the type of device, how often it’s used and the environment in which it’s located. With that said, cleaning once a week should suffice for most touchscreen devices.