Whether it’s for a desktop or laptop computer — or even a hybrid tablet computer — you should consider using a touchscreen monitor. Like other touchscreen devices, touchscreen monitors allow you to perform touch-based commands using either your fingers or a stylus. But that’s one of many reasons to choose a touchscreen monitor. Below are five major benefits of touchscreen monitors.

#1) Saves Space

While traditional monitors generally require the use of a keyboard and mouse, touchscreen monitors do not. As a result, they’ll save valuable space in your office or anywhere else you intend to use them. If your office is currently congested, you may not have the luxury of using a traditional monitor. Since touchscreen monitors don’t require a keyboard and mouse, though, you can use them in smaller spaces.

#2) No Keyboard Problems

It’s frustrating when you get a piece of debris stuck in your keyboard. Sometimes you dislodge debris using canned air or by knocking your keyboard upside down. In other cases, neither of these solutions will work, with the debris preventing you from using one or more keys on your keyboard. Thankfully, touchscreen monitors eliminate these problems since they don’t require the use of a keyboard.

#3) New Control Options

You’ll have new control options with a touchscreen monitor that aren’t possible with traditional monitors. You can easily magnify the screen, for example, by pinching it with your fingers. Granted, there are ways to magnify the screen using a keyboard and mouse, but pinching is easier and quicker — and that’s just one of many new control options offered by touchscreen monitors.

#4) Easier to Use When Traveling

Most people will agree that touchscreen monitors are easier to use when traveling than traditional monitors. Whether it’s for business or leisure, you’ll probably travel periodically throughout the year. If you intend to bring your computer, you’ll need some way to control it. Now you can always bring a keyboard and mouse — along with a traditional monitor — but an alternative solution is to simply bring a touchscreen monitor.

#5) Ability to Use Keyboard and Mouse

Finally, touchscreen monitors typically support the use of a keyboard and mouse. You aren’t required to use these control peripherals with a touchscreen monitor. But if you’d prefer to use a keyboard and mouse to perform a specific task, you can connect them to your computer. For these reasons and others, a touchscreen monitor is a smart investment for all avid computer users.