Not all electrical switches use the same mechanism to control a circuit. There are different types of switches, each of which controls a circuit in a different way. Piezo is one such switching technology that leverages the properties of piezoelectricity. When a mechanical force is applied to a piezo switch, it will generate a voltage. The piezo switch will then respond by opening or closing the circuit.

Being that all switches are capable of controlling a circuit, you might be wondering what benefits piezo switches offer. While there are many other reliable and high-quality switching solutions available, piezo switches are an excellent choice for the five following reasons.

#1) Moisture Resistant

You don’t have to worry about moisture damaging a piezo switch. They feature a completely sealed design to protect against the intrusion of water, moisture and other liquids. This makes piezo switches a popular choice for outdoor usage. When used outdoors, a piezo switch won’t succumb to moisture-related damage.

#2) No Moving Parts

Unlike mechanical switches, piezo switches don’t have moving parts. Mechanical switches, of course, feature two electrical contacts that are separated by air. Pressing the switch’s button will force the contacts to touch each other, resulting in the completion of a circuit. Piezo switches don’t use electrical contacts. Instead, they work by looking for a voltage increase caused by a button press.

#3) Longevity

Because they are moisture resistant and contain no moving parts, piezo switches last a long time. It’s not uncommon for piezo switches, in fact, to last for more than 50 million acutations. With their long lifespan, piezo switches can save businesses money. Other switches have a shorter lifespan. When a switch fails, of course, it must be replaced, thereby costing businesses money. Piezo switches last longer, with businesses rarely or never having to replace them.

#4) Low Maintenance

Another benefit of piezo switches is low maintenance. Switches require physical contact with a finger to function, so they’ll naturally attract dirt and debris. Fortunately, you can clean a piezo switch using rubbing alcohol or a commercial cleaning product. Piezo switches have a sealed design. Therefore, cleaning liquids won’t harm them.

#5) Customizable

Finally, piezo switches are customizable. When ordering a piezo switch, you can include design specifications to achieve the perfect piezo switch that meets your business’s needs. Among other things, you can customize a piezo switch’s back panel, faceplate material, texture, color, shielding type, feedback and sensitivity.