Have you heard of integrated actuator dome (IAD) keypads? A style of dome array, they’ve become a popular choice among businesses in recent years. Like all dome-array keypads, IAD keypads combine the characteristics of both flat-panel membrane as well as mechanical-switch switch keypads. IADs are unique, however, because they are designed with an actuator on top of the dome material. Below are five benefits of IAD keypads that you need to know.

#1) Enhanced Tactile Feedback

IAD keypads produce better, more noticeable feedback than traditional keypads thanks to the placement of their actuator. As previously mentioned, the actuator is found on top of the dome material. Therefore, IAD keypads eliminate poor, difficult-to-notice tactile feedback that’s commonly associated with traditional keypads. When the actuator is engaged, you’ll immediately feel it since it’s located on the top of the dome material.

#2) Supports Hard and Soft Materials

The actuators used in IAD keypads are available in both hard and soft materials. Why does this matter? Well, different applications require the use of keypads with varying levels of hardness. Whether you need a hard or soft keypad, though, you can’t go wrong with IAD.

#3) Durable and Long-Lasting

IAD keypads are also durable and long-lasting. The IAD keypads manufactured here at Nelson-Miller, for example, are designed to provide a superior level of bond strength between the actuator and the dome material.

#4) Backlighting Is Available

You can even order IAD keypads with backlighting. Light guides is the most common type of backlighting used in IAD and other dome-array keypads. The use of backlighting can illuminate the keys to improve performance and reducing input errors. Furthermore, some applications specifically require backlighting. If a keypad is being used outdoors during the nighttime, backlighting will allow users to see the keys.

#5) Available in a Variety of Sizes

IAD keypads are available in a variety of sizes. Whether your intended application requires a small, medium or large keypad, you can order a customized IAD keypad in the appropriate size.

What About Silicone Rubber Keypads?

Of course, IAD isn’t the only keypad solution on the market. Another popular choice among businesses is silicone rubber. Also known as elastomeric keypads, silicone rubber keypads are manufactured using silicone rubber for the webbing material. The flexible and elastic properties of silicone rubber offer several unique advantages over other materials, one of which is improved comfort. Additionally, silicone rubber keypads are able to produce tactile feedback, the strength of which can be increased or decreased by altering the webbing design.